SPECIAL ALERT: Alone but never lonely. Why it’s easy to meet women while travelling.

On the road again? Women (of all ages) love meeting traveling strangers

Glenn mooney

by Glenn Mooney, Senior Staff Writer

dine solo

Traveling for work can be a bitch for your social life. A guy’s gotta eat, so he’ll dine, drink and sleep alone for the sake of the job.

I spent three years on the road pitching pills as a pharma salesman. After a day of selling, I used to return to my hotel alone, rub one out and go to sleep. I missed hundreds of opportunities to meet local women because I had the idea they wouldn’t talk to strange men.

Dumb mistake. Being sociable requires a bit of extra effort, and possibly some risk-taking on your part. But the results are worth it.

It’s easier than you ever imagined to meet women on the road. Women of all ages are happy to talk to guys they haven’t seen before.

As a 37-year-old divorced guy, I joined with up loads of “serious, no games” dating sites like <LINK GOES HERE> and a few for casual sex like <LINK GOES HERE> to meet out of town women. The kind of site I use depends on what kind of hook up I’m in the mood for.

The best dating sites have a search feature to find people outside of your area. Use it.

I figured you you don’t need to look like a movie star to be sexually successful on the road. I sure don’t look like Brad Pitt. Just be careful to seem friendly, not creepy, and women will be eager to hook up.

Being from out of town isn’t an excuse to be a douche. Don’t stand anybody up if you can’t be there.

After several months of out of town dating, I realized that having fun on the road made my job easier. I even became a more successful salesman.

To help out readers, I compiled a confidential list of cities which had the most sexually approachable women. To get it, email me here.

Be sure to use “Glenn’s Secret Cities List” in the subject line so I’ll know what you need. (I’d rather keep this info on the low-down and not embarrass anyone.)

I moved on from pharma sales two years ago, and the women I dated on the road are still friends. We keep in touch and often date if one of us is traveling.

I hope my story gave you confidence to talk to women away from your turf. If you’re feeling it, you can start with this site and see who wants to meet you. That’s the one I started with, and it worked well for me.

Are you put off by dining alone in a restaurant?
Romance on the road happens everywhere.
Romance on the road happens everywhere.
Valerie, 29, married a traveling motivational speaker.
Valerie, 29, married a traveling motivational speaker.

Glenn’s Secret Cities List (Shhh…)

It was super easy meeting women in some cities, while women in other places gave me the Frosty shoulder.

I’d rather keep this the best cities to meet women confidential. If you want my list, send me your <EMAIL> and I’ll get back to you with quickly.