Text Her These 15 Questions to Get Her Talking Dirty

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October 17, 2015
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October 19, 2015

Text Her These 15 Questions to Get Her Talking Dirty


Girls by nature are very responsive to words. Go ahead and ask text her these sexy questions, and she’ll take over the sexy, dirty talking in no time!

Girls play hard to get, but it’s a game she plays because she thinks she has to. Playing along is a smart move, because you know she’s worth the effort.

Sometimes taking a shortcut will get her into bed faster than dating her. Use technology, text, to let her know clearly that you’re hitting on her.

A dirty text is a fun, discreet way to sex her up while she’s getting through her day. It will liven up her mood, and you’ll see that seducing a girl is easy enough if she’s responsive and enjoys the dirty interruptions.

Go ahead a get started seducing a girl using these fun and simple questions.

Sexy, dirty questions you can ask her

It’s likely easier for both of you asking dirty questions using text mode. Getting a sexy text while she’s working or doing some boring stuff will brighten her day.

Texting comes off as more playful, and less like you’re trying too hard or going too fast. If you try to get her to have sex too fast in person, you may end up putting her off and she’ll say no. If this happens, you’ll have a harder time making her interested in you again.

Texting the questions to a girl is sexy and it seems more like a joke. She’ll laugh out loud when she gets a text from you, and will look forward to the follow up questions.

This is a safer and easier way to turn on a girl, and entertain her while you’re at it. If you’re play the game right, you’ll sex the pants off her, and she’ll be dying make out with you by the time you reach the twentieth question!

Go ahead and ask a girl these naughty things

Start with these questions, and next time you can devise a few your own. Remember to always keep it light and playful.

This will work best if she’s your girlfriend, or if she’s a girl you know who has indicated that she’d like to have sex with you. I recommend you ask these questions late at night for best results.

#1 Are you by yourself? Ask her this if you suspect she’s all alone at home and able to chat freely. Obviously she can’t flirt or talk sexy if her friends and family are around. Open the conversation with something like “I miss you,” and if she responds similarly, it’s a clue to move ahead.

#2 Ask her what she’s doing. This is a nice conversation opener that she’ll respond to if she’s alone and bored with what she’s doing at the moment.

#3 Do you like cuddling when you’re in your bed? This is a slightly hotter conversation opener that’s not too forward. Talk of cuddling is pleasant without being sexy too quickly.

#4  Do you wear pj’s or sleep in the nude? She’ll be happy to answer this if she’s in bed already. It hopes up the conversation to becoming sexual without being too forward. Answer her by saying something like “I’m sure you look great in whatever you sleep in” when she answers your question.

If she’s a girlfriend and you’ve already slept with her, slip the word lingerie into the conversation. You may get a useful tip on what to buy her as a Christmas or birthday gift. Something you’ll both appreciate.

#5 What kind of clothing makes you feel sexiest? Start with clothing and let her set the tone about talking sexy. It’s flattering and lets her know you’re into her.

#6 Do you like watching people make out on the train or in the park? This gives you an idea of what she considers sexy. It invites her to talk about other people, giving you clues to what’s in her mind.

#7 Have you ever been groped while in a nightclub, subway or other crowded place? Women hate unwanted sexual groping, and won’t forget incidents that happened even years ago. You can tell her you’d like to grope her, and she’ll like it.

#8 Have you ever gotten horny from simply making out? This will give you tips about how to get her into bed when the heat of the moment gets hotter.

#9 If you had x-ray vision, which part of a guy’s body would you look at first? Let’s find out how she likes to get naughty. Hopefully, she’ll answer that she inspects a guy’s equipment first. Let her do the dirty talking and not you.

#10 Do you prefer boxers or tightie-whities on a guy? Even politicians get asked this silly question, but it’s funny and she’d probably answer a boxer. If she asks what you’re wearing, give her the details. You want her thinking of your package.

#11 Do you have a special technique to turn a guy on? Ask her about her fantasies and how she visualizes making out. She actually may go into details just to prove how good she is sexually, and this conversation will make you both hotter.

#12 Ask her where a guy should touch her to make horny. Now we’re talking straight about sex and what arouses her. If she’s not embarrassed by now, she’s already aroused and ready for your action.

#13 Do you like getting a massage, and where do you want to be rubbed? Full body massages are relaxing and sometimes make girls wet. You can tell her how much you enjoyed getting one, and would love giving her a massage.

#14 Do you think a guy’s equipment would look better shaved or natural? Let the girl start picturing you naked, and get feedback on the question. She’ll give you tips on what she considers sexy grooming.

#15 How should a guy touch your body to make you wet? If she isn’t shy, you hit gold if she answers this question. Don’t interrupt her and let her get descriptive about her pleasure spots.

These 15 dirty questions between you a girl would definitely make her wet. If you’re patient, and don’t push her too hard and fast, she may begin you to get her into her bed!

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