Don’t break up with a perfectly good girlfriend because she gets a little jealous. Taken too far, jealousy can destroy a partnership, but a little indicates she cares about her status in your life. This level of passion can be beneficial and may even enhance a healthy relationship.

A bit of jealousy can spark new life into stale relationships, reignite passion and and clarify the devotion you feel for each other. Don’t overreact or get panicky if your girl shows some signs of jealousy that seems motivated by concern about where she’s at in the relationship. As long as the jealousy isn’t extreme or scary, you don’t have to worry.

If it’s too much and you have fights about her jealousy, take an honest appraisal of  your behavior. Do you have habits that spur her fits of jealousy? Sometimes it actually feels good seeing how much she cares. If you’d rather not deal with jealous behavior from her, I’ll give you some times on how to stop her jealousy before it starts.

Stop checking out other women
An eye for beauty is normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. Be sure to catch yourself in the act of ogling other women, or at least have the decency to be subtle about it and don’t stare when you’re with your girlfriend. If she were giving other guys the eye in your presence, you’d be enraged, amirite?The point is, don’t get her going by staring slack-jawed at other women.

Put some distance between yourself and a close female friend
She will become jealous if your good buddy happens to be another female. She’ll wish you could be as close with her, and will wonder constantly what you’ve done with her in the past, especially if your friend is attractive. Jealousy is not a good reason to end a great friendship, and if you do, you’ll be sorry if you and your girlfriend break up. Handle this delicately so that you don’t piss off either of them.

Stop the female celebrity drooling
Most guys fantasize about female models and actresses, and women are mostly aware of this. There’s no need to rub in her face about how hot you consider your favorite celebrity, and remind your girlfriend that you’d like to “do” her.

Your fantasies about celebrities should remain in your head. If you were actually dating a glamorous celebrity, you’d likely be in over your head anyway.

Don’t involve her in your porn addiction
I understand your love of porn, I really do. She probably understands also that you like to look at every variety of naughtiness, and hopefully for the sake of togetherness she has the sense not to forbid it.

Excess fascination with porn, however, will make her feel insecure and deeply jealous because she’ll feel she’s not enough for you. She may even compare herself physically to porn stars. It’s a very irrational type of jealousy, as you have no serious desire to actually hook up with women in these films. (Or do you? Maybe that’s fodder for another story.)

Deal with this by not watching it in front of her and don’t discus porn with her if you see it brings out her jealous side. If she shows an interest, suggest making a sex tape with your girlfriend so you can watch it together later.

Stop trying to improve her appearance
I know that you like variety. Every man does. A desire for variety doesn’t mean you should go ahead and tell your girlfriend she should become a bottle blond or get breast implants. This sends a clear message you’d like some changes, and you’re dissatisfied with her appearance. Listen up, buddy. There’s no taking it well on her end. How would you like it if she complained about your dick and told you to get an implant to make it bigger? I’m betting you won’t like them feels.

Good jealousy versus the destructive kind

Let her know you appreciate for who she is and treat her with respect. In other words, don’t give her a reason to doubt the way you feels about her. A bit of healthy jealousy can spice up relationship, but don’t stoke it and use jealousy as a constant attention-getting crutch.

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