You can ascertain her interest in you not only about what she says, but also about what she does. By reading a women’s body language you can figure out what’s on her mind, as it gives you a clear indication that she’s interested or not. Here are the best tips for reading her body language:

1. Take note if she gazes at you.

People who like each other tend to sustain strong eye contact. A woman who is interested will check you out, and will welcome you catching her doing it. Direct eye contact from her is a clear sign she wants you to approach her, especially if she’s also smiling.

#2 Observe if she leans in your direction.

Interested women will lean into your direction. If her legs are crossed, crossing them in your direction indicates interest. Crossing her arms and/or legs is an indication she’s not into you, as it’s a “closed up” signal. If she does this, you may need to find another girl.

#3 Hair twirling, touching or arranging.

It looks mindless to you, but twirling her hair or running her fingers through it is a sexual clue from her. She may also use her fingers to caress her lips, neck, or collarbones as a sexual signal. If she strokes the stem of a wine glass or runs her fingers along the rim of her water cup. it’s an incredibly hot indicator that she wants you.

#4 A gentle touch from her on your arm, hand or shoulder.

Casually touching your arm, shoulder or hand is a way women signal interest she’s interested in getting physical with you. People like to look at and touch the people they love and may be sexually interested in. If you get this signal, move ahead in your pursuit of her.

#5 She mirrors what you do because she likes you.

A woman who is interested will mirror your movements, meaning she will take a clue from your actions and do the same thing. If you cross your arms, she will cross hers, or lean in just as you’ve done. This shows that the two of you are on the same wavelength, indicating it’s safe to increase intimacy in the relationship.

Keep in mind that women are mostly unaware these actions indicate interest, and are mostly involuntary. Also don’t go too hard, and always be prepared to back off if you get a clear indication from her that she prefers that you cool down.

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