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Not everyone thinks online dating is cool, and a few people actually believe its for social losers. Who cares? Half of our lives are spent online anyway, and modern relationships are cultivated via social media.

Although you may believe you’re a master of social media, and you know how to navigate the turf with ease, it doesn’t mean your methods are perfect. Chances are, you are making several rookie mistakes that you should not be proud of. That said, read this guide and consider yourself slapped if you’ve been making these deadly mistakes.

Be Careful How You Use Emojis

Many people consider emojis stupid and annoying, and I agree. And I also use them. They are juvenile, but the web makes it tough to add context to your words. Emojis sometimes make your intention clearer and cut down on misunderstandings. Also, I have a perverse liking for stupid things.

You are an adult, and grownups don’t talk with little smiley faces, right? Use emojis sparingly, and be careful of who you send correspondence to when you use them. Don’t add them to business letters if you expect to be taken seriously. Unless, maybe, you work for a comic book company.

Be Original And Avoid Cut And Paste

If you are cutting and pasting the same dating introductory letter to every single girl at dating sites, your lack of originality will show. She can tell better than you think that your response has been sent to dozens of other girls. Get around this by actually reading her profile and personalizing your letter with real info about her interests. There is no heart in a form letter sent by a big company or a prospective lover. Do what I’m telling you and don’t be lazy. Sounding like a customer service department won’t get a girl in your bed.

Remember The Internet is Forever

Back in olden times, a person could go ahead and have a hissy fit over the telephone or in person. Now the rules have changed, and people still have dust-ups. The Internet means their funny little human qualities, like not being able to hold their liquor and a propensity to take revealing selfies lives forever.

Fighting with your ex at Facebook is an activity that gives your buddies lots of entertainment, and they’ll gladly share the fireworks with their own friends.

If you’ve friended business associates (either by choice or necessity), venting to onlooking about how much your boss sucks and stupid things said in a meeting could sink your career.

Remember the creepy NY pol who needed a manly ego stroke, so he went ahead and selfied his package and posted the pics to Twitter? It sank his career, and went onto become an international source of yuks. There was no retracting and taking back the pictures. Once an embarrassing tidbit is posted to the internet, it’s forever, just like a diamond.

Don’t Be a Hopeless Nerd And TALK to People!

So many people today spill all when typing their carefully thoughts onto their screen. Yet when it comes to real life, they can’t maintain a conversation to save their life because they are so accustomed to talking on screen. Having  time in advance to edit what you say before you speak is a plus, but it’s not real life. It’s being a poser, not a real person engaging in genuine give and take. Keep it up, and you’ll end up a eunuch.

Go ahead and date, talk and be real. If you make a mistake, it’s okay and won’t become part of the permanent public record.

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