You can get a girl feeling around just by sitting next to her and using these 5 sexy moves.

It’s easy to turn on the sexual attraction by sitting near a girl, but be sure to do so without being a pest or a masher. Do you know how? I’ll tell you how.

You will never know in advance if you’ll have the opportunity to sit with a girl and get a girl horn, so this can’t be pre-planned most of the time. If the opportunity arises, use the info I’m giving you here.

1. Move in and sit close to her. Find an excuse to sit really close to her, and then you can show her your tablet and your app. Try reading an interesting article on a topic she likes.

As you sit next to her, use a tight spot so your arms are touching. Make sure your arms are touching, and this will turn on the sexual tension.

2. Start a little flirty talk. Get her horny discreetly by complimenting the way she smells, her clothing or her eyes. If you see her blush, you’re on the right track to getting her horny.

Drop a few flirty lines into the conversation, and if you’ve already sexted, bring a few of those lines into the conversation to remind her.

3. Touch her lightly. Be gentle and discreet when you touch her. If it’s apparent she feels awkward or uncomfortable, back off and end your sexual endeavor. If she’s receptive, touch her fingers or her palm and compliment her  delicate fingers. She’d know you’re playing a naughty game by now, but as long as you keep the pace slow and relaxed, she’ll like your sensual touches.

4. Whisper little somethings into her ear. This is works like a charm if there are other people around. Good places to do this would be at the movies, while riding in the backseat of a car or at home watching TV. Just don’t be a pest if she’s very into the film.

5. Watch her reactions. If she starts breathing hard or moves closer to you, chances are you’ve accomplished your task and she’s as horny as you are. At this point, you’d definitely have an erection.

Now it’s time to use all this sexual tension for a good purpose and ask her out. You could be bold about it and and ask her if she’d like to come over to your place or ask her about her place.

If friends are around, make an excuse to leave, and depart separately. You could then meet her outside so both of you can get home and find some release for all that heavy petting and raging hormones!

I’ve used this technique dozens of times with many women, and it’s taken me an invitation into bed almost every single time!

Note: Be sure not to act like a jerk, and if you sense any awkwardness in the air, take a step back. If she’s uncomfortable, stop trying and cool down.

October 16, 2015

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