Smiling is the most important indicator of your sexual interest, and the act of smiling even could put your into a better mood. I encourage you to always smile as much as you can, as often as you can. This lends you a friendly, confident energy that improves your public image..

Here’s an exercise for practicing your charisma and your smile to get women interested.

Be Pleasant

Your infectious smile makes you look approachable, so smile as often as possible. I don’t mean a big, dumb grin that makes you look like a mindless fool. A scowl is a girl repellent, so try to keep your face as pleasant and sunny as possible.

And at the end of the day, write down your experience in a journal. Take note if you saw any unusual reactions from other people you passed by and how well they responded to your happier disposition. If you’ve been too serious for too long, smiling will improve your social life and your odds of meeting a woman who wants to enjoy your company.

Be helpful

Once you’ve had some practice smiling more out in public, be ready to be a helpful gentleman. Opening the doors for women is often appreciated, and it often provides an opening to conversation.

Get a dog and walk it

A cute puppy that you can exercise with is an excellent prop for meeting women. You and your little buddy can have happy times together, and women enjoy talking to men who love animals. Seeing a pet that’s well cared for a loved is an indication that you may want to take care of her as well.

A young child may work also, but indicates you may have a large responsibility, and is not as good for singles seeking dates.

Be cultural

Women often enjoy the arts, so attending art gallery openings and visiting museums may be a good way to meet women. They appreciate a man who cares about more than sports and would be a good companion.

Join an online dating website. Or two. Or three.

The faster way to hook up is online dating using mobile apps where you can check at all times of the day and night if a date is close by. Joining a health club and getting a professional hair styling before having your profile picture taken will improve your appearance. Read the other posts at this site for tips on how to write a compelling profile and answer her in a way that gets you more dates.

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