Sex always promises an incredible finale, and we always hope we last long enough to the big ending. Sex is always better as a marathon rather than a sprint, and when it’s over too quickly it’s not fun for you or her. That brings us to the topic: I have a few surefire tips to last longer in bed.

Most men have dealt with this issue for as long as humans existed. Porn, in all of its glory, implies we should all be great performers, and men try to live up to the hype. Sometimes women can’t understand why a man can’t last as long enough as a 30-minute sitcom, said well-known adult performer and director Derrick Pierce.

Lasting long and hard is a paycheck for adult stars, so they look at it as a serious business. You can believe they know the best tricks of the trade on how to last longer in bed.

Keep Your Breathing Steady

Sex is as much in your mind as your dick. A head full of anxiety could make you come too soon, so calm yourself down. “It’s OK to think about other things. Whatever it takes to get you to slow your mind down,” recommended Pierce.

Take Your Time And Don’t Rush It

“You are going to orgasm at some point. Yes, it feels good and I know you are excited, but slow your roll and let her have fun,” says Tanya Tate, adult performer, director and cosplayer.

Switch Your Positions Around

Don’t stick to the one position you like the best. Move yourself and her around, and return to your favorite spot later. “If you are really feeling like you are going to pop, switch it up. Don’t stay too long in a position that feels the best to you —- save that for last. You don’t need to do it 20 times, just change it up a few times and pleasure her orally in between, and she’ll think you are pro, not just delaying the inevitable,” says adult star Kelly Madison.

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Start Slow And Keep It Steady

Runners know not to exhaust themselves early on when running a marathon. For long term performance, begin with a steady start and end with a strong finish. This method works for sex also. “I’ve found that the best way to extend the sex is to extend the foreplay. Instead of just taking 5 minutes to get warmed up, take 20. Or an hour. Really tease each other. Get her off a couple times if she’s multi-orgasmic. Then, once you actually get to the act of bumping uglies, it doesn’t matter how long he lasts. And once that performance pressure is gone, well, that might be all he needs to keep it up for as long as he wants,” says Casey Calvert, adult performer.

Prepare Before You Start

It’s a good to dial down your excitement level before you get to bed, in spite of how exciting and appealing your partner is. “If you are two-pump Chuck, jack off prior to getting with your partner. Get the hair trigger calmed down so that you can enjoy the journey, not just get to the destination. Every time I think of this strategy I can’t help but laugh out loud when I think of the movie There’s Something About Mary and that iconic scene with the hair gel,” recommended Madison. So take a hint from the movie, and prepare yourself.

Give Yourself A Distraction

“If you are going to pop and there is no amount of switch-up on positions or preparation that is going to save you, your only life line is to picture your grandmother in her underwear!” says Madison. Thinking about boring, non-sexual topics, or things that turn you off, would do the trick.

Relax And Cool Down

Sometimes changing course may keep you from finishing too soon. “The key is switching things up right before the point of no return. If you’re having sex and find yourself about to climax, just stop. Take a break. Focus your attention on pleasing your partner. Go back to making out, go down on her, worship her with your hands,” says Jessica Drake, adult actor.

Practice Makes Perfect (Or Better)

Drake recommends arousing yourself beforehand to improve performance . “Masturbation! When you’re enjoying some solo time, familiarize yourself with the feeling of almost being there and keeping yourself there without cumming. This practice is called “edging”, and once you get the hang of that on your own, you can use it when you’re with your partner,” says Drake.

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