Surefire ways to turn women on

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October 20, 2015
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October 21, 2015

Surefire ways to turn women on


Wondering how the pros get women excited — without scaring her off or getting your face slapped? Take it from me, begging her to make love to you won’t work out. Women don’t like needy, wussy guys.

Making a girl horny is easy if she already likes you, and if you manage her correctly. This is especially the case if the two of you have never had sex. Women are not as hard as you think to arouse and bed.

If a woman really likes you, she will be constantly thinking about you all day, meaning she will already be horny before you even pick us up for a date.

Here’s a few well tested tricks on getting her horny:


1: Touch her lightly anywhere

Barely touch her anywhere with your finger tips to light up her fire and make the chills appear. Women love this type of touch, and hits all of the pleasure signals of the brain.

If you touch her like that and don’t bed her right away, she will want you desperately, and she won’t be able to wait for you to finally get on with sex. This works great… guaranteed.

2: Be a naughty tease


While you and your g.f. are hanging out watching TV or something, make her an exciting offer of a good pussy licking.

If she says yes, take your time. Let her make a counter-offer. Once the dialog goes back and forth a few times, she’ll be ready to be fucked hard. Keep all of your earlier promises and don’t be stingy with the good luvin’.


You’ll be surprised that most women respond extremely well to dirty talk.


3: Take control and fuck her good

If she’s wasting time at Facebook instead of paying much needed attention to your cock, it’s time for you to be a caveman and tell her what you want.

“I want your pussy right now, so give it to me.”

Women like a man who takes control, even if she’s a confirmed feminist. So be that guy for her and toss her sweet cheeks onto the bed and pull her clothes off.

A few women out there do not like this level of assertiveness, and may become upset if their man did this. If you’re sure she doesn’t like this kind of thing, don’t do it.

4: Don’t be afraid of showing her porn

A lot of women say they don’t like porn, but if you present it to her in the right way, she may be willing to watch it with you. If she does, she will be willing and able to have sex with you.

We’re naturally programmed react sexually to nudity, so porn will turn her on. Suggested porn types for her: male/female erotica, lesbian porn and squirting porn.

5: Play with her ‘down there’

If she’s happy to go along, fingering her will definitely make her horny. Observe if she likes it if you go slow, or fast, and always use your other hand to stimulate her clit.

Remember she can cum and cum over and over, so once you’ve gotten the right response from her, you can carry her into the bedroom for mutual gratification.

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