Older woman

Please her or she’ll fire you

Many Older Women Are ‘Do-Able’

Would You Dare Do One?

rico shea

by Rico Shea, Weird Sexy Editor

woman gray hairGuys think older women are over the hill. Think again, dummy. Many of them are hot with insatiable sexual appetites.

“I know I keep you amused,
But I feel I’m being used.” – Rod Stewart, “Maggie Mae”

Rod Stewart crooned this tune in 1971.

The song is about an older woman who is sexually insatiable.

She sinks her hooks into a younger man.

And she won’t let him leave.

The sexual slavery has overwhelmed him.

And he wails that he needs to escape her.

But he can’t let go.

Too many guys think that women like Maggie Mae are over the hill.

But they’re wrong. Rod “The Mod” knew this. His lyric was inspired by life.

Bedding an older woman can be hotter than your wildest sexual fantasies.

She’s still smokin’ and knows what she wants from you. If you’re smart, you’d definitely want to hit that. And keep hitting that.

So listen up, boy toy.

Many females aged 10, 20 or even 30 years older than you are definitely “do-able.” These are not dumpy middle-aged broads. No resemblance to the type you would see in Walmart shopping for mom jeans.

These ladies are fit and take great care of their appearance. Hormones are still raging. They’re lusting for virile young flesh. She probably feels more lust and desire to be laid than in their youth.

Pleasing her could be more challenging than bedding a younger woman. And if you met a Maggie Mae, you’d definitely want to “do” her.

But would she be satisfied after a booty call from you?

She’s demanding. She’s had many lovers. She would compare you to all of them.

Most men lack the sexual prowess to please an an older woman as her boy toy.

Do you have the right stuff?

Every normal guy should be scared of her outsized sexual demands. And fear, on its own, causes  sexual impotence. Watch out for these symptoms.

  • Failure to get hard
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of sustained erection


  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Avoidance of sex and sexual situations.

The reasons for poor sexual performance are likely all in your head… Worry over your physical appearance, the size of your dick or your skills in bed may cause it.

Some guys overthink about financial problems, their boss and other workaday stresses when the moment is supposed to be about play-time.

Your dick can be a funny creature. At times, he seems to have a mind of his own.

He doesn’t always cooperate when the woman is ready for you. Giving him a talking-to won’t improve his performance.

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Would you date a lady your mom's age?
Are you able if she wants a booty call from you?
Are you able if she wants a booty call from you?


“I dated my friend’s mom, age 46. She wore me out, then dumped me for a younger guy. I’m only 23!” – Lorne

“The 50 year old I was dating was too hot to handle. The constant booty calls, her bugging me almost every night of the week, were a deal breaker.” – Phill

“My girl is 52. My homies kid me I’m sleeping with my mommy. Who cares, she’s smokin’.” – Garrett

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