If You Can’t Say How You Feel, Tell Her in An Email

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September 29, 2015
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If You Can’t Say How You Feel, Tell Her in An Email


Women are always complaining that men aren’t good at expressing their feelings. This is an old cliché that happens to be true.

According to a new study from Indiana University, email is a good work-around for zip-lipped guys like us that have problems getting the words out. They found people, men especially, communicate romantic feelings better over email than they do over the phone or in person.

Study participants were asked to send romantic messages to their loved ones using email, in person or telephone. When typing their thoughts, they used more passionate and caring language than when they spoke. Even better, the senders felt more physically and emotionally aroused afterward.

Writing may encourage more emotions because it gives you the opportunity to choose words carefully and forces you to compensate for the lack of vocal tone, says study author Alan Dennis, Ph.D. This is likely true when texting messages, he said.

Surprising her with a missive that expresses deep feelings would definitely excite her. When did you last talk or email her about mundane things, like buying milk, getting the car serviced, or who fed the dog?

Telling her you’re thinking of her and can’t wait to see her, could have a major impact on your sex life suggests love and sex researcher Amy Muise, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto.

Taking the time to email takes only a few minutes, and it could have a major impact on your love life.  Emotional expression helps her feel closer to you, and those positive feelings often translate into greater sexual desire, she said.

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