How to Convince Her to Have Sex With You

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October 22, 2015
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How to Convince Her to Have Sex With You


Use these tested and approved suggestions on how to arouse and seduce her so she’ll have sex with you.

Arousing the girl you desire, and having sex with her is every guy’s dream come true. The gentleman’s way to have sex is to date her and let nature take its course.

That can be fun, but it’s the slow way, and most guys want the sex part to happen faster. It’s a lot easier if you know these tricks to get her to have sex with you, so read on.

Get these ten moves right, and she’ll be more than happy to have sex with you!

1. Show you care by spending time with her

Even if you’re always busy, put aside the time to spend it with her. Talking and sharing good times is a wonder aphrodisiac. Be sure not to reveal too much about yourself at first. Being a mystery and making her wonder if you’re interested can be very sexy.

2. Don’t be her little buddy

It’s tough to break out of the friend zone if she places you there, so make it clear from the get-go that you’re interested in a dating relationship, not a friendship. Friends don’t have sex with each other, and that’s what you want, right? Be a friend, but don’t be her little buddy who’s got no sexual interest in her. Make it clear that you find her attractive and sexy.

3. Keep friends away and spend time with her alone

Don’t make all your dates a shared event. If you want to have sex with her, seduce her when you’re alone with her. You’ll have the freedom to flirt sexually and respond to you. This is impossible when there are other friends around.

4. Become a boyfriend in her mind

Meet regularly for casual lunches together at work or run an errand for her now and then. She’ll begin keeping you in her mind a lot, and you become the boyfriend in her mind.

Don’t let the relationship become about chores. You need to keep the sexual level high, or else she’ll look at you as a friend or a manservant.

5. Touch her, she wants that!

Touching is a very powerful way to let her know you desire her. Lightly touch her arm or clasp her hand and stroke delicately and sensually. The more you do this, the sexually turned on she’ll get.

6. Reserve a place to have sex

You’ve built the sexual tension, now where are you gonna do it with her? Is your place clean and private? Will you hope to get invited back to her place? Once she knows you’re not just a friend, and you feel sexy time is coming soon, be sure your bedroom is fit to bring a woman in there.

All of these suggestions apply on case by case basis. If you sense she’s unwilling to get physical at any point, back away and apologize for rushing her. You may not have timed your moves right, so say you’re sorry and try again at the right time.

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