SPECIAL REPORT: How the rich & horny avoid gold-diggers

Gold-diggers take advantage of nice guys. Here are facts you MUST know to avoid predatory females

Glenn mooney

by Glenn Mooney, Senior Staff Writer

Beware of gold-diggers.

Beware of gold-diggers.

Even rich guys have problems getting a love life. They’re needy, horny and short on time – just like the rest of us.

Greenwich, CT resident Nate S. told us, “I’m a wealthy international financier, but my love life was poor. I was always encountering gold-diggers,” he said. “Even a women my mom fixed me up with admitted she’s looking to marry for money,” Nate told us.

Nate finally hired a high-end matchmaking service to meet the woman he’s currently dating. The cost: $250,000. He feels he got his money’s worth, but spending $50,000 and $500,000 a year to find a quality female is not possible for me (and probably not for you either).

As I wrote earlier, <LINK TO ARTICLE HERE> I spent years hustling pharmaceuticals in seven states for pretty good money. I’m not as rich as Nate, but I did okay. Avoiding gold-diggers was always in the back of my mind.

I decided to run my own gold-digger experiment at the <INSERT DATING SITE NAME HERE> and <INSERT DATING SITE NAME HERE> sites. I’m 37 and an average looking guy. I created a profile that hinted I have money. I got dozens of responses.

Finding girls attracted to my personality and not my money was easy. The first contact email is the most important and it needs to be phrased just right. Email me here and I’ll send you the text. You can use the email as I wrote it or give it your own spin.

The email helped me eliminate most greedy girls. I found hot 8/9/10 females who told me they’re looking for a decent guy and don’t care about money. And they meant it.

As a public service, Nate passed along a few ideas on how men can avoid gold-diggers. This information comes to you straight from the rich man’s mouth.

Nate said wealthy guys should keep their financial situation under wraps for a while when getting to know a new woman. Don’t take your date to expensive places or drape her in diamonds. Keep things simple.

Avoid going all “Pimp Daddy.” Don’t wear a Rolex or flash your wad.

Once you’re confident in your woman, reveal more about yourself. If she doesn’t squee when you reveal your wealth, she passed the smell test.

Dating sites may surprise you. Sometimes rich dateable women lurk at the sites.  I met a rich woman at <INSERT DATING SITE NAME HERE>. She was great, and not stuck up at all.

If you encounter a rich woman, being the type of person that you’d want to date is what you should do. The rich man’s tips from Nate could easily work both ways.

Would you max out the credit cards to please her?
Would you go into hock for her?
Would you go into hock for her?
Many girls are decent and are not gold diggers.
Many girls are decent and are not gold diggers.

Gold-Diggers Admit to Money Lust

“I’m not a gold-digger but I want a big, round diamond engagement ring that’s big enough to impress my friends. That’s not too much to ask, is it?” – Jolene

“I’ve been working since I’m 16. I hate my job, tired of the rad race and I never want to work again. The man I marry will have to take care of me so I can relax for the rest of my life.” – Katie

“I’m tired of living in an apartment and want a house. Can you pay for the mortgage on a nice house for me?” – Tina

Glenn’s Secrets to Avoid Gold-Diggers


I used specific language in my personals ads and my initial contact emails to eliminate gold-diggers.

Give me your <EMAIL> and I’ll share the text I used. Use the email as I wrote it or give it your own spin.