Fun And Ways to Increase Sexual Tension

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October 14, 2015
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Fun And Ways to Increase Sexual Tension


Flirting is exciting, sexy and such a turn-on for both of you. Turn on the sexual tension using these tips she’ll love.

Flirting can make you feel good about your relationship, and makes your life so much more exciting.

What you should know about sexual tension

It’s a raw primal attraction that draws you to another person sexually. If you’ve enjoyed a little flirty game with someone at work without talking about it, that’s an example of pure sexual tension. You don’t need to necessarily interested in having sex with this person, but you still feel the tension between you.

Sexual tension is fun and you can just enjoy it sometimes without making a plan to have sex or pursuing her. Try out these subtle ways to strike up a bit of sexual tension with her.

1. Establish eye contact. Make eye contact and hold it. Gazing into her eyes establishes attraction. You could also smile at observe if she smiles back. She’ll likely think of you after you’ve gone, and she will also wonder if you’re thinking about being more than friends with her.

2. Try a bit of sly naughty talk. Talk naughty, without being all-out smutty when the opportunity arises. Flirting is about talking in a way that’s funny and sexy.

3. Sneak a peek at her chest. If you can see a bit of her cleavage, it’s an indication she may be flirting with you, as she wore an outfit that shows off her womanly curves. Take a good look at it and smile at her. She may notice the leering and cover up, but she’d know you get a peek.

4. Invade her personal space. People who each other enjoy being close, and there’s often a bit of sexual tension in the air. Stand close to her when you get the opportunity.

5. Touch her a bit too long.  Touch her arm graze and maybe hold it for an extra second or two. Guide her with your hand on her back as you’re crossing the street. You will both feel a tingle of sexual tension without it being overt.

6. Put your best self forward. You’ve got sexy assets, so let her see them. This may get her warmed for your first moves.

7. Say goodbye like you mean it. Show her that you don’t want to say goodbye at all and how much you’ll miss her. This is the time to emote a little, but don’t overdo it.  Hug her and linger just a second more than normal. You could also stare deeply into her eyes like you want to say something.

Sexual tension can be fun, but how far are you willing to take it? Now that you’ve built the sexual tension up, it has to go somewhere. Decide whether you like this girl, or are you just having some fun acting sexy. If you’re going to constantly turn her on sexually, she’ll want you to make your intentions clear at some point.

Decide what are you going to do: make out or get out.


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