Easy Ways to Impress Her And Win Her Heart

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Easy Ways to Impress Her And Win Her Heart


Want to impress the girl you like and have fun doing it? Impress her and win her heart using these 6 easy tips.

It’s easy enough winning a girl’s heart by being sincere and considerate. Some guys need a bit of extra help, and that’s what you’re getting here. Once you’re sure you like her, getting her to fall in love should be your objective.

Here are some strategies you need to do that will charm your way into her heart without being a clingy or creepy guy who’s desperately trying to win her attention.

Six easy steps to win her over

1. Be the type of guy she’ll fall in love with. A great girl who’s desired by several guys deserves the best from you. Say you’re not in her league? Become a man who is.

When you walk into a room full of other men, do you feel cool or smaller than them?  It’s a mistake to look other guys in awe because they seem so much more awesome. Truth is, they’re insecure the same as you are.

2. Talk to her and listen to what she saying to you. Make her feel special when she’s around you by paying attention to what she has to say. Lots of guys aren’t good at this, leaving women feeling ignored. Being a good listener sets you apart from other guys who are trying to get her attention. Let her know that you’re happy to see her and you’re interested in what matters to her.

3. Flirt with her without seeming creepy. Flirting with a girl you want to win over, without seeming like a jerk or a creep, is a subtle art. Being too obvious that you’re flirting with her may turn her off, so don’t be a masher. Go for discreet and subtle at first, and if she reciprocates by flirting back, you can start to get more obvious.

4. Don’t be threatened by other guys who want to win her over. Every attractive girl has at least a few guys who would like to date her. Instead of being part of the crowd, be the best one so she’ll pick you. Stupid things can mess you up, like not being well groomed, and trying to get her into bed on the first date could do it.

5. Tell her how you feel. Bond a bond with the girl you like is by giving her clues to your inner self. Talking about your fears, dreams and problem is not a sign of weakness. Being a strong and sensitive man makes the whole relationship so much more interesting for her. Don’t tell all, at least not at first, to keep the excitement and mystery alive for her. As long as you avoid talking excessively about sad and gloomy emotions, she’ll always be excited to have heart-to-heart conversations with you.

6. Be a buddy to her friends. Birds of a feather flock together, so you should try to get along with her friends. If you don’t like them, at least try to be nice to them. If her girlfriends like you, you’ll score brownie points when it comes time to discuss you with her friends.

Even though you’re such an awesome catch, be careful of being too frisky with her friends. They might get the idea you’re coming onto them, and the news will get back to your girlfriend pronto. Always be fun to be with, and also a perfect gentleman.

As long as you fall in love with your heart, and use a few good strategies in your head, you could make her fall in love with you in no time.

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