My circd soldier salutes you

The Nasty Truth About Circumcision, And Why a Soldier Misses His Blankee

rico shea

by Rico Shea

Oy vey!

Oy vey!

I’ve been having deep thoughts about life, the universe and how nicely my dick performs during humpy-pumpy.

I asked 10 women that I met through the <URL GOES HERE> and <URL GOES HERE> dating sites how they felt about male circumcision. Five said they prefer dicks that were cut, and two were against them. The rest didn’t care. They felt that as long as Mr. Dick was kept clean and smelling nice, they were good to go.

I think uncircumcised dicks are hilarious. The foreskin is kind of like a comfy little blankee for Mr. Dick. Wake him up, and his little head will pop out from his blanket and say “HELLO!”

After he’s had his exercise, Mr. Dick retreats to his little blankee. He goes back to sleep until he’s needed again.

Sometimes I forget a cut dick is not natural and most of the men around the world are uncut. I’ve been conditioned by my addiction to pornos and skin mags to think a circd dick looks nicer.

Do you ever seen an uncut dick in a porno film or a skin mag? I haven’t.

You can blame porn for bald women’s bald vaginas also. A bald vag feels nicer and is easier to handle.  I think a bald vag helps her enjoy more feeling down there. Porn people also think a vag without a full beard is more photogenic for the movies.

All of the women I talked to pointed out that performance matters more to them than if a man is circd or not. Listen to that and pay attention to the size of your dick and your performance. Medical science has confirmed that circd men have a strike against them.

Getting cut can lead to male sexual dysfunction at a young age. It’s serious genital modification (mutilation), the removal of an entire body part. Circumcised men have more premature ejaculation issues and problems controlling their orgasms than uncut men.

I’ll come clean and admit to the world that my defenseless little soldier lost his blanket when he was three months old. As a result, he needs a bit of help saluting at times. (Thanks, Doc.)

Circd men like me, and maybe you, are anatomically disadvantaged. We use the most Viagra in the world. Millions of others like us who need male enhancement can’t access it.

So I asked doc for a Viagra prescription. He wouldn’t give it to me, saying my “T” is fine. I’m an admitted shameless sexual addict. This is not the level of service and cooperation I need from my physician.

I must have total control of my dick’s performance.

A healthy body and a happy mind is a nice concept. For me, a better health regimen begins with a better performing penis. My dick needs to outperform all others in my age group.

After months of supplement testing with a girl, a tape measure and a few nasty sex toys, my favorite dick helper is the <URL GOES HERE> supplement. This one gets me engorged quicker, and I lasted at least 30% longer. The girl confirmed it. We made a performance chart that I can send you. Give me your email HERE and I’ll send you the chart and a couple of useful sex tips.

Doctors say sexual performance declines naturally as men age. Fuck that, I like having a fuckin’ fire hydrant in my pants. I like it when blood leaves my brain and goes to my cock.

For high boner achievement, try out <URL GOES HERE>, and be sure to sign up with at least one dating site like <URL GOES HERE> if you use it. Don’t waste those quality boners jacking off.

Next time, I’ll discuss men and women shaving “down there.” A goatee or soul patch on a lady’s twat is oddly disturbing to me. I’ll explain why.

Does your soldier still have his blankee?
Circumcision can affect sexual performance.
Circumcision can affect sexual performance.
You can still please her, even if you're circd.
You can still please her, even if you're circd.


“To me, it’s semi-castration performed on non-consenting minors.” – Angelo

“There may be some marginal benefits related to HIV prevention. This tiny possible benefit is not enough to justify the procedure.” – Zachary

“Some people believe that a circd dick is somehow protected from HIV, so they don’t wear condom. This line of thinking is dangerous.” – Randy


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Keep away from my junk, bro.