GEEK SQUAD ALERT! Stop worshipping the 9/10 female — bed her if you dare

Hitting on smokin’ hot women is an excellent idea, and why SHE is probably more attainable than YOU

Glenn mooney

by Glenn Mooney, Senior Staff Writer


Ric Ocasek and wife Paulina Porizkova

Common sense tells average to fugly guys that beautiful women are out of their league. Ignore that. Read this.

A lonely barista at a roadside coffee joint rocked my world. She changed everything I believed about beautiful women. Give me a minute. I’ll change yours.

I knew the barista back in high school. Let’s call her Sarah. She was gorgeous, and she made my heart go thump-thump as a kid in school.

I encountered her after work one night, working alone pouring coffee. Like an eager deckhand, my soldier saluted as if I was 16 again. Some of us never grow up.

Sarah at my service told me she was engaged, so the two of us had a just-friends talk. We laughed and gossiped about old times. I admitted that I lusted over her as a kid. Her reaction surprised me.

“Why didn’t you ask me out?” she said. “I would have gone out with you.”

What, excuse me?

Sarah, the perfect, beautiful, unattainable female was out of my league. Or so I thought.

I’m a pretty average looking guy. Maybe a bit below average. Back in high school I dated two’s and three’s. I thought a 9/10 would laugh in my face.

Big mistake.

Sarah told me the prettiest girls are often the most lonely. Nice guys are afraid to talk to girls like her. She told me pretty girls often end up dating the jerkiest guys.

“The boys I went out with usually mistreated me,” Sarah confided.

It was too late to date Sarah, so I tried her advice and hit on dozens of the most beautiful women at the  <INSERT DATING SITE NAME HERE>.

A week later, I signed up with <INSERT DATING SITE NAME HERE>, uploaded a different picture and experimented with my contact email. I saw hundreds of smoking’ hot, available women at both sites. Both sites have more smoking hot women than I could realistically date as members.

So here’s the official accounting, and it’s good news for the nerd squad. I got a total of 102 responses. After the first email, 82 dream girls hooked up with me and I had sex with several of them. I won’t say exactly how many.

For three full months, I was dating like Charlie Sheen. Sound good?

Yes, I uploaded honest pictures and profile of myself, so don’t give me a hard time.

After some trial and error, I had an epic response rate using one particular email. It was effective because it comes off as friendly and cool – without sounding needy. If you want to use it, Email me here and I’ll send you the text.

Sarah passed along a few ideas for average looking guys who want to date beautiful girls. Here you go:

Relax and be yourself. She’ll probably agree you’re okay just as you are.

Be casual. Don’t worship her or make a big deal out of her looks.

Talk to her like a real person and listen to what she has to say.

Yep, some of the prettiest girls are shallow bitches. But lots of smoking hot, intelligent women like Sarah would be thrilled to date average looking guys. All they gotta do is nut up and approach them.

If I can do it, so can anyone.

“Go do it,” says the girl.

Are you afraid of beautiful women?
Dating beautiful women is easier than you think.
Dating beautiful women is easier than you think.
Contact her. There's a good chance she'll date you.
Contact her. There's a good chance she'll date you.

Beautiful Women Discuss Men

“I dated lots of jerks because really nice guys are too afraid to ask me out. I’m looking for a decent guy who’ll treat me well. Looks don’t matter all that much.” – Callie

“My mother keeps asking why I’m not married. I had to tell her men don’t ask me out that much. I wish guys weren’t so shy so often. I’m good company.” – Mira

“Looks are temporary. Smart is forever. Please ask me out on a date. I’m smart and really nice.” – Jenna

Glenn’s Secret Email Tips (Shhh…)

It was super easy getting a response from women after perfecting my initial contact emails.

I did the hard work. Give me your <EMAIL> and I’ll send you the text I used. This example text should improve your response rate by 30% or more.