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This short guide will help you know for sure what she really thinks about you without having to ask her directly. You’ll know how and if to forge ahead and woo her seriously.

Women’s body language sends out signs to guys that they are interested or not. Your job is to identify these non-verbal clues and sort out what she’s thinking by how she acts.

Once you decide to approach a girl, knowing the signs that a girl likes you can help you land a dream date and seduce her because you know she wants it.

  1. She twirls or touches her hair. She may be doing this unconsciously. This habit is a clear sign that she’s attracted and flirting with you. Common variations of this trait is twirling her hair and running her hands through it to look more attractive. If she does this, she may not realize she’s giving away her interest.
  2. She hangs onto every word you say. Girls like to talk to guys and connect on an emotional level. Pay attention to what she says. If the girl asks you personal questions and seems to be checking you out, you can be sure that she is genuinely interested in getting to know you better. She will also will laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not all that funny.
  3. The girl offers her phone number without you asking for it. A girl that likes you will want to increase contact, and she will offer you her contact info on her own. She will let you know when she can meet you again, and indicate that she would like you to ask her out. Most likely she will not ask you out directly, as most girls aren’t fond of doing so. She may want to go on a date with you, and help you make the first move instead of asking you straight out.
  4.  She looks straight into your eyes. Sustained eye contact is another strong sign that a girl likes you, so if she does that she’s clearly into you. If she looks deep into your eyes whenever she gets the chance, that means that she wants to connect with you on a deeper level and get closer to you.
  5. She intrudes on your personal space. Girls like to stand close to guys that they like, and it shows she desires his contact. If a girl intrudes your personal space, welcome it. Girls that maintain a bit of distance indicate they have no interest in at all. She will also indicate interest by touching you, so take the hint that she desires your touch.

Remember that you do not have to see her show all five signs of interest in you to be genuinely interested. Some girls are shy, so if you see at least two or three of the attraction signals, it’s a good indication you should start pursuing her.

October 15, 2015

5 Tip-Offs That She’s Really Into You

This short guide will help you know for sure what she really thinks about you without having to ask her directly. You’ll know how and if […]