8 Tips To Successfully Approach And Date Beautiful Women

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October 22, 2015
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8 Tips To Successfully Approach And Date Beautiful Women


Ever see a beautiful woman, and wish you could approach her, but lacked the slightest clue on how to do it? Most guys are short on nerve, and the thought of getting on with hitting on her makes their heart race and palms sweat. Women mostly aren’t aware that men are scared of them, and most beautiful women are as nice as any other. To help you get started next time, here are eight tips to successfully begin a conversation with her.

1. Get over your rejection fears

Fear of rejection is what’s holding you back, and the fact she’s beautiful makes the approach even harder. Attractive woman probably won’t laugh or run away from you. She’s as likely to give you a fair shot as any other woman, and approaching her in a casual and friendly way works best.

Most attractive women find that being approached by men is exciting and fun, and they’ll see it as positive experience. Don’t expect she’ll respond by getting upset, being rude or acting offended, so stop worrying about it.  Letting fear of rejection ruins your chances before you make an effort.

2. Be creative about getting her contact info

Instead of asking for her phone number, you could try asking for her e-mail instead. Most women will give up their e-mail much more readily because they consider it less intrusive and more businesslike.

A different approach to getting her email and full info would be to ask her for her business card. Begin this exchange by offering yours. (If you don’t have business cards, go get some cheap cards printed.)

In case she doesn’t have business cards, draw a little card-size rectangle on a piece of paper. Hand her a pen and let her fill it in. This is a playful way to make the approach and get the info. She’ll be feeling the fun of your fresh idea and start playing along.

By the way, having a card of your own will impress the hell out of her. You could give her one of yours to provide her info on the back.

3. Nail her for more info without delay

While she’s writing down her e-mail address, make a suggestion: “And sure to write your name and number for me, too…” Catching her while she’s in the middle of writing will get you the rest of her info because she’s already committed to giving it to you. Don’t ask her if she’d like to give you this info. Tell her nicely that you want it. It works like magic.

 4. Don’t become her little buddy

You want to approach women so you can sex with them, right? I can’t tell you this too many times: If you behave as a naive shy boy when you approach women, they will automatically classify you as “possible friend.” It’s very hard to break out of this category, where they like you and enjoy talking to you, but wouldn’t dream of sleeping with you.

It’s better to approach a woman with strength and confidence, and never try to disguise the fact that what you’re approaching her for a date.

Behaving as Mr. nice guy who’s only starting a pleasant conversation is a surefire way for her to begin thinking of you as a “friend.” I guarantee, she will never bed her good buddy.

5. Practice approaching women

Practice talking to women until it’s second nature. Learn how to handle these situations before you’re in a spot and don’t know what to do.

Take some time in advance to picture what it will be like when you ask a real woman for her contact info. See it in your mind where you’ll ask her and what you’ll be saying. Practice your scenario out loud, and even try it out on someone. Rehearse how you’re going to ask her for her info, then handing her the pen and paper.

6. Look clean, neat and dateable

Before you even try to approach a woman, be sure you look like a guy she’d want to be seen with. This means pay close attention to your personal grooming and they way you smell. There’s no need for pricey haircuts; just be sure your hair is trimmed, and if you have facial hair, keep it neat.

You don’t have to be James Bond, but you do need to uphold the principles of basic grooming. Your clothes are likewise an extension of your inner self, so beware of the image you put out. Expensive, trendy and flashy aren’t necessary. Neat and pulled together is all you need.

7. Don’t push her too hard initially

After a woman offers her e-mail and number, do not try to get her into bed or other stupid ideas, like try to convince her to marry you right. Other stupid questions like, “Do you have a boyfriend?” likewise won’t fly.

You’ll be up for a mighty rejection, and possibly a slap in the face, by pushing her too hard and going for everything right away. This just creates awkwardness, and makes you look like a jerk to avoid.

8. Stop talking and leave

The longer you keep talking to her, the more likely you’ll screw things up. Thinking out loud and being a motor-mouth just makes her want to get rid of you.

Once you start talking, she’ll be looking for the smallest excuse to reject you — so make sure not to give it to her. Most women will give out their e-mail address after a minute of conversation, so you need to talk to her foronly that minute.

After she gives your her info, say, “I have to get back to my friends,” then go. You’re done here. She’ll get the hint that you have a life and that you don’t need her constant attention. Once you get home, call her up for a date at your convenience.

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